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Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't Know What To Buy As A Gift? I Have The Answer!

We all know a few of those hard to buy for people. It is frusating at times just not knowing what to buy and not sure if they will even like it. You know the gift that ends up in a closet waiting to be given away or in ends up in a yard sale? I know I been there many time.
I have the answer with my gift cards.
Now listen to the best part! You can buy one of my gifts for less then the vaule! That's right, less then the face vaule. Now tell me how many company's do that? I dont know any and if you do please let me know I will be standing in line for them.  Oh yes those long check out lines and the traffic!
Now this gets better,you purchase my gift cards did I mention below reatial?  I will email the lucky receptent the card and code along with your message to them through email with my site information. All they have to do is relax in their favorite chair and browse. When they find what they really want check out using the code. (Can not be use toward shipping) Many of my items have free shipping or discounted shipping.
I have over 700 items in my store and add daily. There is something for everyone!
Gift cards are good for 6 months.
You may purchase as many as you like at the discounted price
Gift Cards come in $10.00,$25.00 or $50.00 But remember that is not what you will pay!

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