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Deco Breeze Fans
Deco Breeze Butterfly Figurine Fan
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Host A Online Party Have Fun And Get Free Items

Host an Online Party

How many home parties can one person host in their life?well my friends home parties just got easier! No cleaning your house, no sitting around listening to a sales pitch, .and now you can attend a party in your pajamas with a cup of coffee.

What if you could host a home party where you could get free fabulous items such as jewelry,home decor,body and bath and Deco Breeze fans,Deco Flair and Deco Glow products and much much more without all of the trouble of having a large group of women in your home. Introducing the online home party.

What is an online home party?
You invite all of your friends to visit my site. Tell them how fabulous my designs are and point them in the direction of your favorites. We will give you some suggestions on emails to your friends. You can also get really into it and print out fun invitations to give to your coworkers, friends or parents at your kid's school. The possibilities are endless. The more people you invite the more free jewelry you can earn.

What is in it for me?
Just for booking an online party with at least 10 people invited you will receive a 10 dollar gift certificate after the party. And if anyone purchases anything from our online website you will receive 10% of the sale (before tax and shipping charges) added onto your gift certificate. So if someone buys 100 dollars worth of fantastic products you will get an additional 10 dollar gift certificate. So that means 20 dollars for you! The more your friends buy the better it is for you. There are also high sales incentives for more successful parties, so the more friends you invite the better.

NOW: host your party via Facebook, Twitter or Myspace....Let your friends even ReTweet you for a bigger audience! I will also tweet your online party to help you get more to attend.

How does it work?

After you let us know that you are interested in hosting an online party we will send you a promotion party code specific to your online party. You will email or give this code to your friends. And they input it into our shopping cart when they check out. After 2 weeks we will close the party and send your gift certificate code, which you can use exclusively at my website, to purchase any of my items in the store. The party code we give you is active for 2 weeks, so after that if you want to host another party, let me know and I will send you a new party code and the fun begins again!

What is in it for your friends?

First...Fabulous products! And a discount!. That's right The code that I give you entitles them to a 10% discount online at my store when entered into their shopping cart. And if they absolutely love the idea and they host an online get another 10 dollar gift certificate code. Great way to get gifts,and and great way to treat yourself to a fantastic gift without spending a lot.

Contact us to find get started by hosting a party.