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Deco Breeze Fans
Deco Breeze Butterfly Figurine Fan
I am a authorize dealer of Deco Breeze Fans,Deco Flair Decorations and Deco Glow Candles. You will find these great products on Bonanza and Ioffer. I carry a line of very affordable gifts and decor. Stop by and check out all the fantastic sales within my stores.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Game of the Week Presents an APRIL FOOL'S DAY AUCTION!

Join Us For Game Of The Week April Fools Auction
April 1st
It might be April fools but these deals are no joke.
Auction Starts At 7:30 PM Eastern Time

Here Is The List Of Participating Booths






Feel free to visit the seller to ask any questions you might have prior to the Auction!
Hope to see you there – April Fool’s Day – 7:30 pm Eastern Time!

Also check out all the get deals all day Friday April 1st

At there Participating Booths
Published Coupon Available

Published coupon for 25% in booth now
25% off with coupon code gotw
Please add: 20% with GOTW-MAMA off almost
everything (except gift certificates,
rent-a-panels, rent-a-promos, free ship items
My both is 20% off all items except Easter.
Easter items are buy one get one free
Accepting Offers
50% OFF With Coupon Code: GOTW
(Cannot be used during Auction)
Promotional Coupon Listed: 50% OFF
See you there!!
Happy April Fools Day!

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